Chapter 14: Heroines of the Old Testament

Ruth: A Story of Loyalty and Redemption

The story of Ruth is a beautiful tale of loyalty and redemption. Ruth, a Moabite widow, showed unwavering devotion to her mother-in-law, Naomi. Despite being from a different culture and facing challenging circumstances, Ruth chose to stay with Naomi and accompany her to Bethlehem.

In Bethlehem, Ruth gleaned in the fields of Boaz, a close relative of Naomi. Boaz recognized Ruth’s kindness and integrity and eventually married her, redeeming her from a life of widowhood and providing for her and Naomi. Through this union, Ruth became part of the lineage of King David and, ultimately, of Yeshua.

Esther: A Queen for Such a Time

Esther, a Jewish woman living in Persia, was chosen to be queen by King Ahasuerus. In a time of great danger for her people, Esther displayed courage and strategic thinking. With the guidance of her cousin Mordecai, Esther risked her own life by approaching the king uninvited to expose a plot against the Jews.

Through her bravery and appeal to the king, Esther saved her people from destruction. Her story showcases Yehovah’s providence and the importance of standing up for justice and righteousness in difficult times.

Deborah: A Prophetess and Judge

Deborah was a prophetess and the only female judge mentioned in the Book of Judges. Her leadership and wisdom brought peace and justice to Israel during a time of oppression. With Yehovah’s guidance, Deborah summoned Barak to lead the Israelite army into battle against the Canaanites.

Under Deborah’s guidance, the Israelites achieved a significant victory, demonstrating the power of Yehovah and the wisdom of a woman who faithfully followed Him. Deborah’s story serves as a testament to Yehovah’s empowerment of women for His purposes.

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