Chapter 18: The Miracles and Signs of Yeshua

Healing the Sick

Yeshua’s ministry was marked by numerous miraculous healings. He had the power to cure a variety of ailments, including blindness, paralysis, leprosy, and various diseases. The touch of Yeshua brought immediate restoration and wholeness to those who were suffering. His healings demonstrated Yehovah’s power and compassion, revealing Yeshua as the divine Healer.

Casting Out Demons

Yeshua also demonstrated authority over demonic forces. He encountered individuals possessed by evil spirits and, with a word or a touch, released them from bondage. Yeshua’s deliverance ministry revealed His power over the spiritual realm and His mission to liberate people from the forces of darkness.

Power Over Nature

Yeshua displayed His power over the natural elements, calming storms and walking on water. He turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana, multiplying loaves and fishes to feed thousands, and performed other remarkable acts that defied the limits of the physical world. These signs and wonders showcased Yehovah’s authority over creation and revealed Yeshua as the Son of Yehovah.

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