Chapter 3: Cain and Abel

The Offering of Cain and Abel

Once upon a time, after Adam and Eve left the garden of Eden, they had two sons named Cain and Abel. Cain was a farmer, and Abel was a shepherd. Both of them loved Yehovah and wanted to show their gratitude to Him.

One day, Cain and Abel decided to bring offerings to Yehovah. Abel brought the best of his flock, selecting a lamb without any blemishes. He gave it as an offering to Yehovah with a grateful heart. Yehovah was pleased with Abel’s offering because it showed his love and trust.

Cain, on the other hand, brought some of the fruits and vegetables he had grown as his offering. But Cain’s heart was not in the right place. He didn’t give his best, and he didn’t truly appreciate Yehovah’s blessings. Yehovah saw that Cain’s offering was not from a loving heart.

Jealousy and the Murder of Abel

When Yehovah saw that Cain’s offering wasn’t accepted, He talked to Cain. He told him that if he did what was right, he would be accepted too. Yehovah encouraged Cain to change his attitude and make better choices.

But instead of listening to Yehovah and correcting his ways, Cain became very angry and jealous. He was upset that Yehovah favored Abel’s offering over his own. Cain’s jealousy turned into a dangerous feeling called hatred.

One day, while they were in a field, Cain lured Abel away and attacked him. In a fit of rage, Cain took his brother’s life. It was a terrible and heartbreaking event. Yehovah, who sees and knows everything, asked Cain where Abel was. But Cain lied and said he didn’t know.

Yehovah knew what had happened, and He was very disappointed in Cain. He told Cain that he would be punished for his actions. Cain would no longer be able to farm the land as he had before, and he would wander from place to place.

Even though Cain had made such a terrible choice, Yehovah still showed him mercy and protected him from harm. He put a special mark on Cain so that no one would harm him. Yehovah’s love and grace are always present, even when we make mistakes.

This story teaches us important lessons about giving our best to Yehovah, being grateful for His blessings, and dealing with our feelings in a positive way. We should never let jealousy or anger take control of our hearts, but instead choose love, forgiveness, and making things right.

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