Chapter 7: The Story of Joseph

Joseph’s Dreams and Betrayal

Joseph, the son of Jacob, was favored by his father, which caused jealousy among his brothers. Joseph had dreams that indicated his future authority over his family, further fueling their envy. In their resentment, Joseph’s brothers plotted against him, eventually selling him into slavery in Egypt.

Joseph’s Rise to Power

Despite being sold as a slave, Yehovah was with Joseph, and he found favor in the household of Potiphar, an Egyptian official. However, when Potiphar’s wife falsely accused Joseph of wrongdoing, he was thrown into prison.

Even in prison, Yehovah’s favor was upon Joseph, and he interpreted dreams for Pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker. When Pharaoh had troubling dreams, the cupbearer remembered Joseph’s ability, and he was brought before Pharaoh. Joseph accurately interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams, revealing that a severe famine would come upon the land.

Impressed by Joseph’s wisdom, Pharaoh appointed him as second-in-command, entrusting him with the task of storing food during the years of plenty to prepare for the coming famine.

Reconciliation and Blessing

During the famine, Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt seeking food. Unaware of Joseph’s identity, they stood before him, bowing down just as Joseph’s dreams had foretold. Through a series of events, Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, forgave them, and invited his family to settle in Egypt.

Yehovah used Joseph’s position and wisdom to preserve the lives of his family and bring about reconciliation. Joseph’s story serves as a powerful example of how Yehovah can turn even the most challenging circumstances for good.

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