Page 2: The Hebrew Alphabet

A. The Alef-Bet: Letters and Their Sounds

The Hebrew alphabet, also known as the Alef-Bet, contains 22 letters, all of which are consonants. Each letter has its unique sound, and some letters represent more than one sound. For instance, the letter “Bet” (ב) can represent both ‘b’ and ‘v’ sounds, depending on whether it has a dagesh (dot) in the middle.

B. Vowels and Vowel Marks (Nikud)

Vowels in Hebrew are represented by the Nikud system. These marks are used to indicate different vowel sounds, such as “a,” “e,” “i,” “o,” and “u.” The usage of Nikud varies, and in most modern texts, they are often omitted.

C. Writing and Reading Practice

Mastering the Hebrew alphabet involves both reading and writing practice. It’s essential to become familiar with the form and sound of each letter and the corresponding Nikud marks. Regular practice reading from right to left, writing each letter, and vocalizing the sounds they represent can significantly enhance your Hebrew language skills.

Very Good Video Source for Learning!

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