Birth of Seth: 3874 BC

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Seth is a significant figure in the Bible and is believed to be the third son of Adam and Eve. He was born approximately in the year 3874 BC according to biblical chronology. Seth’s birth came after the tragic event of Abel’s murder by his brother Cain. He was given the name Seth, which means “appointed” or “granted,” because Eve saw him as a replacement for Abel.

Seth went on to have several children and became the ancestor of the righteous line of people. He lived for 912 years, making him one of the long-lived individuals mentioned in the Bible. According to the biblical account, Seth was a faithful and God-fearing man, and he passed down his beliefs to his descendants.

One of Seth’s most notable descendants is Noah, who played a crucial role in the story of the Great Flood and the preservation of mankind. Seth’s lineage continued through Noah’s son, Shem, and eventually led to the birth of Abraham, who is considered the patriarch of the Israelite nation.

While the biblical account does not provide extensive details about Seth’s life, he holds a significant place as an important figure in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. His birth marked a new beginning after the tragedy of Abel’s murder, and his descendants played pivotal roles in shaping the course of biblical history.

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