Week 3: Adam and Eve Disobey God

Lesson: Theme: Obedience and Trust Scripture: Genesis 3:1-24 Main Point: God wants us to obey Him and trust His goodness.

Opening Prayer: (Opening prayer can be personalized by the instructor or a volunteer.)

Activity: Trust Walk Instructions: Create an obstacle course or marked path in the room or outside area. Divide the teenagers into pairs, with one person blindfolded and the other serving as their guide. The blindfolded person must trust their partner’s instructions to navigate through the course. Afterward, gather the teenagers together to discuss the importance of obedience and trusting in God’s guidance.

Summary: In this lesson, we explored the story of Adam and Eve’s disobedience and the consequences they faced. Through the trust walk activity, the teenagers experienced firsthand the importance of trust and obedience. They learned that God’s commands are for their good and that trusting in His guidance leads to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Scripture Memorization: Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Due by next week)

Possible Refreshment: Snack Stations Set up different stations with a variety of snacks for the teenagers to enjoy. Encourage them to make choices and practice self-control as they navigate the snack stations.

Closing Prayer: (Closing prayer can be personalized by the instructor or a volunteer.)

Feel free to use these lesson plans as a starting point, incorporating them into your overall outline for the youth group. Adapt and personalize them according to the needs and dynamics of your specific group.

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