“A Timeline of Christian Churches: From Apostolic Origins to Modern Denominations”

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1st Century – The Early Church

•   Jerusalem Church (30s AD): Founded by the apostles, particularly Peter and James.
•   Pauline Churches (50s AD): Established by Apostle Paul across the Roman Empire.

2nd Century – Early Christian Communities

•   Roman Church: Grew from the apostolic era, with increasing influence in the Christian world.

4th Century – Establishment of Mainstream Doctrine

•   Constantinople Church (330 AD): Rose with Emperor Constantine’s support, pivotal in Eastern Christianity.

5th Century – Oriental Orthodox Churches

•   Armenian Apostolic Church (301 AD): Traditionally founded by Thaddeus and Bartholomew.
•   Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria (42 AD): Mark the Evangelist is credited with founding the church in Alexandria.
•   Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (4th Century): Emerged under the influence of the Coptic Church.

11th Century – The Great Schism

•   Eastern Orthodox Church (1054 AD): Resulted from the schism with the Roman Catholic Church.
•   Roman Catholic Church (1054 AD): Formalized after the Great Schism, claiming continuity from the Roman Church.

16th Century – Protestant Reformation

•   Lutheran Church (1517 AD): Founded by Martin Luther in Germany.
•   Anglican Church (1534 AD): Established by King Henry VIII in England.
•   Swiss Reformed Churches (1536 AD): Emerged under leaders like Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin.

17th Century – Further Protestant Developments

•   Baptist Churches (1609 AD): John Smyth played a key role in their foundation.
•   Quakers (1640s AD): Founded by George Fox in England.

18th Century – Evangelical Movements and Revivals

•   Methodism (1730s AD): Began with John Wesley’s evangelical revival movement.

19th Century – Restorationist and Other Movements

•   Seventh-day Adventist Church (1863 AD): Grew out of the Millerite movement.
•   Jehovah’s Witnesses (1870s AD): Formed from the Bible Student movement led by Charles Taze Russell.
•   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1830 AD): Founded by Joseph Smith in New York.

20th Century – Pentecostalism and Modern Movements

•   Assemblies of God (1914 AD): Emerged from the Pentecostal movement.
•   Various Charismatic and Non-Denominational Churches: Rose in the late 20th century, focusing on a personal relationship with God and spiritual gifts.

This timeline gives an overview of the major branches of Christianity and their origins. It highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of Christian denominations over two millennia.

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