Yehovah’s Invitation: The Sanctified Sabbath – A Day Set Apart for His Children (Shabbat Shalom Everyone!)

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In the grand tapestry of creation, Yehovah (the LORD) extends a gracious invitation to His children to join Him on a special day – the Sabbath. This sacred day, sanctified and set apart by Yehovah Himself, holds profound significance in His divine plan for humanity. As we approach the last days, the words of Yeshua (Jesus) regarding those who will come to Him but will be rejected serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of cherishing Yehovah’s invitation to observe the Sabbath and to cultivate an intimate relationship with Him.

  1. Yehovah’s Invitation to His Children:
    In the book of Exodus, after creating the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, Yehovah rested on the seventh day (Genesis 2:2-3). With this act of rest, He sanctified the Sabbath and extended an open invitation to His children to join Him in this divine rhythm of rest and worship. In Exodus 20:8, Yehovah says, “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” This invitation is not a mere command but a loving call to enter into a special, intimate relationship with Him, dedicating a day to rest, worship, and reflection.
  2. A Day Set Apart for Yehovah and His Children:
    The Sabbath is a day set apart from the rest of the week, and it serves as a distinctive mark of God’s covenant with His people. Leviticus 23:3 affirms, “Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest, a holy convocation. You shall do no work. It is a Sabbath to the LORD in all your dwelling places.” By observing the Sabbath, God’s children declare their allegiance to Him and acknowledge His role as their Creator and Redeemer. This special day is a gift from Yehovah, providing a designated time for His children to draw near to Him and find spiritual nourishment.
  3. Yeshua’s Warning and the Importance of Authentic Relationship:
    In the New Testament, Yeshua warns of a sobering truth in Matthew 7:22-23, “On that day, many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’” Yeshua emphasizes the importance of an authentic relationship with Him, beyond mere outward displays of religious deeds. Observing the Sabbath is an opportunity to nurture that genuine relationship with Yehovah and Yeshua, aligning our hearts with their divine purpose and finding rest in their presence.
  4. The Sabbath in the Last Days:
    As the world hurtles towards the last days, the invitation to observe the Sabbath becomes even more crucial. Amidst the chaos and distractions of the world, the Sabbath provides a sanctuary of rest and spiritual rejuvenation. It is a time to commune with Yehovah, to reflect on His promises, and to meditate on His word. In Isaiah 58:13-14, Yehovah proclaims, “If you turn back your foot from the Sabbath, from doing your pleasure on my holy day, and call the Sabbath a delight and the holy day of the LORD honorable… then you shall take delight in the LORD.” The Sabbath offers a unique opportunity to delight in Yehovah’s presence and draw closer to Him.

Yehovah’s invitation to observe the Sabbath is a loving call to set aside a day to be with Him, a special time for rest, worship, and intimacy with the Creator of the universe. As we approach the last days, Yeshua’s warning reminds us of the significance of cultivating an authentic relationship with God, beyond mere religious actions. Observing the Sabbath is an act of obedience and love, acknowledging Yehovah’s role as our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. In this sacred day, we find a sanctuary of rest, a time to seek spiritual renewal, and an opportunity to delight in the LORD. May we heed Yehovah’s invitation, cherishing the Sabbath and drawing near to Him, for in His presence, we find true fulfillment and eternal peace. And just a reminder, the Sabbath starts on Friday night and ends on Saturday night. No other day was sactified by our father. If you are keeping the wrong day as the Sabbath its time to make the change….

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