Yeshua: The Final Prophet, Priest, and King

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In the Christian faith, Yeshua (Jesus) is heralded as the consummate fulfillment of the prophetic, priestly, and kingly roles traditionally delineated in the Hebrew Scriptures. A profound theological belief holds that following Christ’s crucifixion, God momentarily turned His face away from humanity, marking a pivotal two-day period of divine withdrawal. This article delves into the significance of Yeshua’s roles and the ongoing implications for believers as they anticipate His imminent return.

The Divine Pause

Scripture intimates that for two days after Christ’s death, there was a symbolic cessation of God’s direct interaction with humanity, a concept some interpret as God turning His face away. This pause is seen as a moment of deep spiritual reflection and recalibration, underscoring the gravity of the crucifixion and its redemptive ramifications. This period reflects a transition, highlighting the end of the old covenant and the dawn of a new era marked by grace.

Yeshua as Prophet

Yeshua stands as the ultimate prophet, not only fulfilling but also surpassing the predictions of His predecessors (Deuteronomy 18:15-18; John 6:14). From foretelling future events to confirming His identity through divine works, His life and ministry have left an indelible mark on history and spirituality. Unlike any prophet before, His words and prophecies continue to resonate, steering the course of Christian doctrine and believers’ lives.

Yeshua as Priest

As high priest, Yeshua’s role surpasses that of the Aaronic priesthood, offering a once-and-for-all sacrifice that obviates the need for continual offerings (Hebrews 7:27; Hebrews 9:12). Through His sacrifice on the cross, depicted in the Book of Hebrews as a priestly act par excellence, He established a new covenant between God and humanity. His priesthood, modeled after Melchizedek’s, is eternal—transcending temporal limitations and extending His mediatory role forever (Hebrews 6:20).

Yeshua as King

The expectation of a messianic king, deeply rooted in the Old Testament, found its fulfillment in Yeshua (Isaiah 9:6-7). His earthly ministry, coupled with His resurrection and ascension, affirmed His kingly dignity and authority. This kingship, however, extends beyond historical confines, promising a future return that will fully manifest His governance and dominion as foretold in the prophetic scriptures, particularly in the vivid imagery of Revelation (Revelation 19:16).

The Interim Period and the Second Coming

Since Yeshua’s ascension, no successor has risen to claim the true mantle of prophet, priest, or king—a testament to His uniqueness and the completeness of His work. As the Christian community lives in this interim period, there is a fervent anticipation of His return, expected to conclusively establish His kingdom. This expectation shapes Christian life and spirituality, fostering a community vigilant and hopeful for the fulfillment of God’s promises.


Yeshua, as the definitive prophet, priest, and king, embodies the fullness of God’s plan for redemption and reconciliation. His roles, deeply interwoven into the fabric of Christian faith, offer profound insights and promise for those who believe. As the world awaits His return, the legacy of His teachings, sacrifice, and promised return continue to inspire and direct the lives of millions.

Call to Action

Readers are encouraged to delve deeper into the scriptures to grasp the full magnitude of Yeshua’s roles and their implications. Let us remain vigilant in prayer, steadfast in faith, and joyous in hope as we await the glorious return of Yeshua, our prophet, priest, and king.

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