“Symbols of Faith: The Tape on the Wall and Other Powerful Reminders”

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In life and faith, symbols hold profound significance, bridging the gap between the seen and unseen. From the universally recognized cross to the simple ichthys or fish symbol, these icons compel us to remember the foundational truths of our beliefs. This post delves into the symbolism found in biblical narratives and everyday life, beginning with a personal story that highlights how even the simplest items can become sacred reminders.

The Story of the Tape:
When my wife and I relocated from El Paso, Texas, to Utah shortly after our wedding, we had little to our names and few boxes to unpack. An unusual detail caught my eye after we settled in. My wife had carefully placed the packing tape from our boxes onto the wall. I initially thought she intended to reuse it, but when the tape remained there for a week, I assumed it was overlooked and decided to remove it because it marred the wall’s appearance. My wife tearfully stopped me as I reached to peel it off.

She then explained that the tape was more than just leftover packing material; it was a lingering connection to her mother, who had helped her pack up her life in one place to start anew in another. Each strip of tape was a testament to her mother’s care and kindness during that transition. Understanding the depth of what that simple tape symbolized for her, I left it untouched on the wall. It remained there for many more days, a visible token of love and memory, until my wife was ready to let go of that poignant reminder of her mother’s love.

Symbols in Scripture and History:
The Bible enriches our understanding of symbols through its narratives. The cross, for instance, is not merely a geometric figure but a profound emblem of sacrifice, redemption, and unending love. Similarly, the fish symbolizes the early Christian community’s identity, discreetly conveying their allegiance to Christ. Adding to these, the Star of David stands as a powerful symbol of Jewish identity and perseverance, especially poignant due to its association with the Holocaust. Once a mark of forced identification, it has been reclaimed as a symbol of resilience, faith, and the enduring spirit of the Jewish people through numerous trials.

The Impact of Symbols:
Symbols act as anchors, connecting us to deeper truths and guiding our spiritual journey. They remind us of our past, the redemption we’ve experienced, and our future hopes. Just as the tape on our wall served as a comforting reminder of familial love and support, biblical symbols, and historical emblems like the Star of David, guide and sustain believers across generations in maintaining their cultural and spiritual identity.

Symbols, whether grand or humble, carry deep spiritual significance. They connect us to our history, remind us of our core beliefs, and guide our future paths. As we encounter these symbols, let us reflect on their rich meanings and the profound truths they hold within our personal and communal faith narratives.

Call to Action:
Consider the symbols in your own life that have shaped your faith and perspective. How do they reinforce your beliefs and guide your actions? Share your reflections and stories, and join us in exploring the impactful symbols that weave through our lives and faith.

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